While the market may play a big role in the sale of your home, there are other factors that can hurt your home’s chances of selling. Let’s say you’ve cleaned up the home and the clutter has been cleared. Are there tenants still living on the property? What about pet damage? Do they have cat or dogs that have torn up carpeting in the corner of any rooms? What about oil spots in the driveway? When you decide to sell your home there are many factors to be considered.

Your Home Isn’t Selling Because…

  1. It’s in need of serious repairs. Put simply, some homes just aren’t in the condition to be sold quickly. Maintenance issues can turn off potential buyers, especially if they have to do the repairs AFTER they purchase the home. Grout mould or abnormally painted walls (bright pink/purple) can work against homeowners during a showing.
  2. Your home is priced too high. Pricing may be one of the most difficult steps of selling your home. If it isn’t priced properly, it won’t selling. Maybe you tried to set a high price hoping a buyer would be interested. Or maybe too much time has gone by since you last assessed the local market. Bottom line, if your house has been on the market for months with no response it may be time to re-evaluate your price. Review the prices of homes that were sold recently in your neighbourhood. When altering the price of your home it’s good practice to factor in what amenities your home has versus those that have been sold. Did your neighbour’s home sell for $250,000 without a pool? Take these factors into consideration.
  3. Poor listings photos. As a seller it is imperative you have high-quality photos of your home. Buyers are very curious to see what your home looks like, especially if they are seriously considering making an offer. Color photographs help prospective buyers get a better understanding of what your home actually looks like. Good photographs may also give buyers a better idea of your property’s size. Your listing photos should be clear and clutter-free. We recommend including photos of any unique features within your home. This may include a large backyard, pool, or fireplace!
  4. Poor marketing. Selling a home is a large transaction. Because of this, it is recommended you do as much as you can to market your property both with a broker and without. Too many homeowners leave everything in the hands of their real estate agent. In some cases and markets, this is simply not enough. If your home has been on the market for an extended period of time you may want to consider additional marketing strategies. Placing advertisements in local newspapers is a great way to showcase your home. Video tours can also help when your listing is online. Bottom line, taking a proactive role in your home’s sale is important and many selling strategies should be considered.
  5. You hired the wrong people to sell it. Finally, if you feel like you’ve tried everything above it may be time to consider your real estate agent. If your agent hasn’t lived up to your expectations, then you should speak with them. Consider searching for a new agent, but be patient. You don’t want to hire another broker who will struggle to sell your home. Look beyond what each agent charges for their commission. Search for agents who have an understanding of your local market and those who can show you homes they’ve sold recently. Do they have experience selling homes in your price range? Do they have positive reviews from previous home owners? All these factors should be considered.

How Can We Help?

Buy My House Now consists of experienced real estate professionals with over 17 years real estate experience, 12 of those years in the Phoenix market alone. We employ in-house underwriters and construction experts to allow us to quickly process the value of your home, use that value to create an offer and then close. We buy homes as-is and we are committed to providing the highest quality service in a timely manner and feel that our efforts genuinely help homeowners get the best value for their home possible.