Sell Your Home AS-IS

If you are a homeowner, you know that to sell your property on the open market, will probably require some sort of repairs. We are able to buy homes AS-IS for a price that benefits the homeowner, without charging them any real estate commissions. We buy the property, pay your closing costs, perform all the needed repairs, and we won’t charge you any real estate commissions.

Because of our efficiency, we are able to pass an incredible amount of savings on to the homeowner. Whether they are big or small repairs, you can actually save yourself time, money, and hassle by selling your property “As-Is”.

Save Time

Quick Sale

Home repair projects can drag on for weeks or months on end and can quickly require more time and attention than the normal homeowner can afford. If you don’t have the time to devote to repairing your house, you might want to consider selling your home “As-Is”.

Selling your home “As-Is” means:

  • No waiting for repairs to be completed before listing your house
  • No waiting for a homebuyer
  • No time and energy spent on unneeded repairs
  • Selling a home that is in danger of foreclosure, before it’s foreclosed on

Save Money

Save Money

The cost of the repairs themselves can make selling your home unrealistic. If you can’t afford the repairs needed to sell your home properly, it might make sense to sell your home “AS-IS”.

Selling “AS-IS” can save a homeowner a lot of money if:

  • If the cost of repairing your home is more than your total equity, then you are actually paying to sell your home!
  • Selling your house AS-IS can actually be a profitable transaction for you.
  • If the cost of repairs are more than you can afford, you could have home equity that can’t be reached.
  • By selling your home AS-IS, you can avoid the cost of repairs, and still utilize your equity
  • If you aren’t sure what repairs are needed to maximize the sale of your home you could be spending money on unneeded repairs.
  • When selling your house AS-IS, you don’t spend any money on repairs.
  • We don’t charge real estate commission fees to buy houses
  • We also pay your closing costs, passing 1000s in savings to you!

Skip the Hassle

house-for-saleSome homes are in great condition, while others may have cosmetic faults. Regardless, facing hefty repairs can be a hassle on any home owner. Working with Buy My House Now allows you to skip the hassle of repairing your home, before selling it.

  • Multiple bids
  • Uncertain results
  • Unexpected setbacks
  • Inspectors are legally obligated to report any red flags to the lender
  • Avoid dealing with your lender’s repair demands
  • Avoid negative reports about your home’s condition
  • No buyers pulling out because lack of repairs
  • Avoid the hassle of painting
  • Avoid the hassle of landscaping
  • Avoid filling your house with staging furniture
  • The ROI on home improvements is often less than 100%
  • Avoid the stress of depreciation
    • You might not be able to live in your home while it’s under construction
    • Avoid incurring extra living costs, and having to relocate during a remodel

How We Buy Homes As-Is

We have a well functioning system in place. Our system is proficient at:

  • Maximizing the value of your home
  • Making quality repairs efficiently
  • Selling your home quickly

Effective System

We work with some of the best construction specialists in Arizona:

  • Our team is able to identify and plan for repairs the very same day.
  • We have incredibly talented teams of contractors in place. Who perform high quality repairs, very quickly.


Our team is experienced:

  • We don’t waste your time. We only need to visit your home once to determine what repairs we need to budget for.
  • We have all the needed real estate professionals in-house: Appraisers, real estate agents, short-sale negotiators, and more.


What’s Your Home Worth?