Why is selling in the winter different than any other time of year? In some states, home shoppers stop looking during the winter season because of poor weather conditions. Others may have decided to wait until more homes come on the market in spring time.

Regardless, those who ARE searching for homes during winter are often more serious buyers. These people are often looking to move because they need to, not because they want to.

This can put the seller in an advantageous position if they are flexible with the timing.

Winter Homes Sell Quicker in Arizona

According to a REDFIN survey, there is a 75% chance of selling your Phoenix home within six months when you list it during the winter months. There are plenty of people who need to sell their homes in the winter months, whether it be because of a job relocation or the birth of a child.

Selling your home in the winter is not only possible, but it’s also highly likely for Arizona residents. While there are multiple factors that help sell a home throughout the year, in the winter time it all starts with….


Less competition doesn’t necessarily mean you should price your home out of reach for local buyers. Your home is going to be visited more often when it first enters the market. If you’ve priced out the most interested parties the first week, who’s to say they will return a month later after you have lowered it? Remember, if your home is too expensive your potential buyers will look elsewhere.

After you’ve accurately priced your home you can begin to check off other important steps on your “Sell My Home In Winter” checklist. This includes getting professional photos taken of your property, making sure your home is illuminated (winter can be bleak and dark), and tidying up for potential buyers.

The winter months can be a difficult time to sell your home. Understand pricing is everything. If you are a seller, offering value can be an important step to selling the home. Being flexible with your financing options may also help buyers settle on your home over another.

selling your arizona home in winter

What Winter Buyers Are Looking For

Winter buyers are especially aware of any issues concerning heating and maintenance. This means a furnace, HVAC, and roof inspection may be necessary before you open your home to buyers. Your buyers will also be looking at how your home holds up during the winter season. Low-cost upgrades such as insulation in the attic or thick curtains can help keep the heat in your home.

More On Lighting Up Your Listing

Snow and gray skies. It makes for a dreary first impression, doesn’t it? A home painted off-white is a great way for it to stand out in the winter’s poor natural lighting. This color also makes your property feel larger.

It is recommended to repair any areas where paint has chipped, to caulk your windows, and fix cracked window seals. You want to avoid condensation freezing over and making your home look run-down.

Inside the home use neutral colors, especially in the living room. The living room is typically where staging has the most impact. You want your buyers to feel warmth and comfort when they are walking through the home.

sell your home in winter

How Can Buy My House Now Help?

We are a team that consists of experienced real estate professionals with over 17 years real estate experience. We employ in-house underwriters and construction experts to allow us to quickly process the value of your home, use that value to create an offer and then close. All within a few short days.

Buying Homes in Every Season

Our goal is to help homeowners find a solution to selling their home with the least amount of problems and at a fair price to meet their circumstances. We are committed to providing the highest quality service in a timely manner and feel that our efforts genuinely help homeowners get the best value for their home possible.

We will buy any home in any condition and we don’t require any repairs to be done by the homeowner.

Our experience acquiring homes in Arizona helps us to approach each new property with a clear understanding of how to value and purchase a home for the best possible price. For additional questions or concerns please contact us today.