Increase your home’s value and sell higher

Many buyers assume that when they get to the home inspection part of the purchasing process, they will have the opportunity to pick the home apart and find its flaws. Tiny improvements around the home can boost the value of the property and make the inspection process go much more smoothly.

Because of the potential to raise or lower the property’s value, home inspections remain one of the biggest factors in whether or not you get true value for the house.  Often times a buyer may cancel a contract to purchase your home based on the outcome of the inspection.  This can be a frustrating process as finding a new buyer and marketing the home can take months and losing a buyer means that you must start the process all over.

Know Your Home

When looking to make improvements before you sell your house, it is important to know your home. Parts of the property can fall apart because of neglect or deferred maintenance. This creates more problems for you, the homeowner, down the road. Remember to replace old plumbing valves and to monitor leaks as they occur.

Even a tiny leak can spiral into an expensive repair. Also, keep on top of your heating and air conditioning systems in the home. Failing to replace the filters can lead to excessive loading on your AC motor which can lead to costly repairs including new capacitors, new motors, or even a full replacement of the air handler and or condenser.

Keeping the household systems running efficiently and correctly can help to prevent problems from arising down the road and keep you from having to replace anything when you decide to put your home up for sale.

The best type of repairs are the ones you don’t have to make!

Increase the value of your home

Home Renovations you can do yourself

Homeowners also have some difficulty in deciding which home renovations will be worth the time/money and which will end up just becoming a sunk cost.

In many cases carpet and paint or small and inexpensive decorative displays (Staging) do more to increase the value of your home than the expensive and time consuming undertakings if you neglect the cosmetic look.  Adjusting the lighting and lighting systems in your home can completely change the look of a room, without having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on bigger ticket items.

If attached lighting cannot be changed, we recommend a few strategically placed lamps in order to add dimension to a room and to better sell the living spaces. You can also choose to invest in Inexpensive light dimmers which help change the ambiance and the mood of a room.

Sell My House Fast – For a Profit

Raising the value of your property is as easy as you make it. You can do quick fixes of appliances within the home, add lighting fixtures to different rooms, or even spruce of the front yard in order to catch a potential buyer’s eye.

Regardless, it pays to make a memorable first impression.

No matter what type of project you decide is best for your home, investing time and effort in the improvements yourself can save a lot of money. Do not feel forced to spend thousands of dollars to copy a designer’s look, when you can create something unique with your own hands.