Selling Your Glendale Home

At Buy My House Now we purchase homes in Glendale, Phoenix, Mesa, Tucson and anywhere else in Arizona. The Buy My House team is a group of dedicated real estate professionals that specializes in buying homes quickly and for cash. When you contact our team through the online contact form or telephone, we walk you through the entire process over the telephone.

Our over-the-phone consultations are free and we can make you a tentative offer on the property within the same day.

We purchase Glendale homes with cash regardless of the condition. We work well with families who tell themselves “no one will buy my home” because property condition has no effect on our decision to buy. Our team lives and works locally in Arizona so we are confident in our ability to value your home at a fair price.

What we do is tried and true.

Our System is Simple:

  • Free telephone consultation.
  • We value your home based on a few factors.
  • We visit the home to review potential repairs.
  • You get paid cash within 5-7 days.

Close Quickly, Pocket the Savings

Once you contact us, we will make you a tentative offer within 24 hours. When you sell to the Buy My House Now team there is no listing of your home involved; we buy the home directly from you. Because we are able to offer cash for your property, the transaction closes relatively quickly. We are experts at closing quickly so you don’t have to move a finger or spend a dime while we complete the paperwork.

If you are looking to avoid all the time and delays associated with putting a house on the market, you found the right team to do it.

We can purchase your home with cash in as little as 5 days. 

Avoid Hidden Fees

On top of being able to close quickly, we will also pay the closing costs on your home. Closing costs for people selling their homes traditionally can be as much as 10% of the purchase price of the home! This means homeowners losing thousands of dollars out of pocket. When you sell to us, we handle the closing costs and you avoid paying the dreaded real estate commission.

We relate to real world problems and understand that selling your home can be an extremely personal experience. Because of this, the Buy My House Now team strives to make the process as painless as possible.

It is our goal to make the entire process hassle-free by respecting your privacy and closing on the transaction in a professional manner.

Sell your Glendale Home

No Repairs Required

We DO NOT require you to make any repairs before we purchase your home. At Buy My House Now we budget and complete the repairs in-house and can even help if you need unwanted items removed from the home. Our team of professional underwriters and construction estimators will review the property and make sure fair adjustments for repairs are given; 100% responsibility goes to us!

Sell your Glendale Home, AS-IS

If you decide to sell to our team, we will do our best to make the transaction as transparent and stress-free as possible. When we are looking to purchase a home we are looking to purchase AS-IS.

People selling their home AS-IS don’t want to be responsible for the cost of maintenance or repairs on their property. This works great for us because it speeds up the transaction and saves everyone the hassle of having to go back and forth with appraisals and home inspectors.

Selling AS-IS means:

    • No cleaning
    • No painting
    • No repairs
    • No having to deal with appraisals/inspectors

With Buy My House Now, you can sell your home without having to worry. Contact us for a FREE telephone consultation today and receive a no obligation cash offer on your home within 24 hours!

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