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At Buy My House Now, we purchase Arizona homes every day for cash, and we’ll buy yours too, no matter what condition it’s in.

Buy My House Now purchases houses in any condition, in the state of Arizona. We close quickly, pay in cash, and handle the usual closing costs ourselves.

If you’re selling your property in Arizona:

  • Our initial home evaluations happen over the phone, and cost you NOTHING!
  • We do all of the repairs ourselves; you don’t pay a cent.
  • We pay all the closing costs.
  • We pay cash. No confusing banks or hassle.
  • We close on a date of your choosing; if you desire, as quickly as a week.
  • We’re a team that works and lives in Arizona; we understand the local market.

It doesn’t matter what type of ugly home you have, BUY MY HOUSE NOW would like to make a no obligation cash offer to purchase your home for cash. Whether your home has ugly structural or repair issues, or has you captive in an ugly situation, you can count on our team to come to your rescue with a fast and fair cash offer.

What is your home worth?

People Sell To Buy My House Now For Many Reasons:

  • Death of a loved one
  • Liquidating assets to pay bills
  • Inheriting a property you can’t keep
  • Tired of living in an ugly house
  • Job loss
  • Troublesome mortgage terms
  • and More
  • Structural issues
  • Facing foreclosure
  • Relocation or job transfer
  • Undesirable neighborhoods
  • Divorce
  • Need for cosmetic fix up
  • Retirement or downsizing

If any of the above are your reasons for selling your home, calling Buy My House Now is your best interest!

We’ll buy your home in as is condition, pay cash, and will close fast, regardless of your home’s problems. You’re never obligated to sell your home and we don’t charge any fees, ever. Our process is simple and won’t cost you a thing.

We buy houses, and we’ll buy yours, all you need to do is contact our team.

How We Determine Your Home’s Worth

Your initial interview with Buy My House Now may be conducted over the telephone or through e-mail. This is where you will share information with us concerning the location of your home, the age, condition, size, and any amenities it may already have.

These may include stainless steel appliances or a pool for instance.

Initial Phone Interview

After the initial interview, we will then evaluate the repairs that need to be done to the home. Our team of professional underwriters and construction estimators will look at the house and make sure fair adjustments for repairs are given. We take full responsibility of the repair analysis and procedure.

You don’t pay a dime!

Budget For Repairs

We review the home’s square footage as well as the entire lot size. This includes the bedrooms and bathrooms. Are there any bonus rooms? How about office space? What about the yard size and the garage?

We look at all these factors to properly determine worth.

Analyze Lot SIze

At this part in the home valuation process, we review the surrounding properties and neighborhoods. How much have homes in the area sold for and what are they valued at today? Is the local market on the rise or in a decline?

We carefully evaluate the properties around your home to ensure we craft the best possible offer for both parties involved.

Review Local Market

Contact Our Team to Learn More

We Buy Homes As-IsWe Buy Homes AS-IS

No Repairs. No Fees. No out of pocket costs.

When you work with Buy My House Now, we DO NOT require you to make any repairs before we purchase your home! We have the cash to pay for all the repairs and will gladly help if you need unwanted items removed from the house.

Our team of professional underwriters and construction estimators will look at the house and make sure fair adjustments for repairs are given; 100% responsibility goes to us!

We Pay The Closing CostsWe Pay the Closing Costs

We buy houses all across Arizona and have perfected our own process to ensure that we make the right offer, the first time. We live and work in Arizona and understand the local market better than other companies who purchase properties all over the country.

We will pay for the closing costs and handle the paperwork so that the process is as easy as possible.

Closing costs for sellers are usually as much as 10% of the purchase price of the home.

We Can Close Quickly We Can Close This Week

We have bought hundreds of Arizona homes over the past several years so we know how to offer the best possible service and price for your property. Buying homes is what we do every day, full time.

Closing costs for sellers are usually as much as 10% of the purchase price of the home. We understand this and take care of that for you. When working with us, sellers do not have to worry about those closing costs–we will pay them if they sell directly to us.

We have the ability to purchase homes, with cash, in as little as 5 days.

Questions, Concerns?

At Buy My House Now we are a local Arizona investment group buying homes with cash from homeowners.

Because we are local group without layers of middle-men, we keep costs down and can pass savings onto the sellers.

We pride ourselves on being open and honest, making the selling experience simple, and working quickly to gain estimates and close according to the seller’s timeline.

Let’s Evaluate Your Home

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