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About Buy My House Now

We are a local Arizona real estate team, who buys homes for cash from homeowners. Because we are local group without layers of middle-men, we keep costs down and can pass savings on to the sellers. We pride ourselves on being open and honest, making the selling experience very simple.

How Long To Sell My House?

As a home seller, it would be extremely convenient to have a crystal ball that reveals the date your home will sell. Unfortunately, the home selling process is not that simple. Chance and circumstance each play a role in the sale of your home and both factors are hard to predict. Luckily, homeowners can do [...]

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Tips For Buying in the Right Neighborhood

Before you choose a home to buy, consider the neighborhood. Buying a home is not like buying new clothes, which can be returned at a later date. A mortgage is a long-term financial obligation that often lasts 20+ years. If you purchase a home and then realize that the neighborhoods not for you, there is no going [...]

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Home Appraiser

When you’re considering buying a home or selling your own, it's important that you value the property correctly. This is where home appraisers enter the picture. A home appraiser's job is to determine the current value of the property they inspect. If you're trying to buy a home and your appraisal comes back with a [...]

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What is Home Depreciation?

Nationwide, many factors play a role in affecting the value of your home and its depreciation. The economic climate, home's location, square footage, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms may all have an effect on how your home depreciates. Although several of the above aren't easily changed, some are under a homeowner's control. Completing repairs [...]

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Questions to Ask Your Mortgage Lender

Buying a home takes time. Before you get to the step of choosing a property, you'll most likely need to learn about mortgage loans and lenders. Your mortgage loan is going to depend on who you talk to and where you go. To get the best possible loan you need to know the facts. Before [...]

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Are real estate agents obsolete?

The End of the Real Estate Agent? In today's society, most things are evolving towards a digital application. New websites and phone applications have completely changed the way we buy and sell real estate. As homebuyers or sellers, we now have instant access to large quantities of information at the tip of our fingers. As such, [...]

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Transitioning from Renting to Buying a Home

For most of us, owning our own home is a goal we strive for. Many renters dream of the home they can make their own; somewhere they can customize each room to their own liking, paint the walls any color, and design the landscaping to their own vision. Owning your own home means no more [...]

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Selling Your Home With…

Selling your home with or without a realtor is not an easy task. The process usually starts with a checklist of what needs to be done to the property. After completing any necessary upgrades or repairs on the home you may begin to plan your marketing strategy. Regardless of how you plan to market your home, [...]

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Selling Your Home in the Winter

Why is selling in the winter different than any other time of year? In some states, home shoppers stop looking during the winter season because of poor weather conditions. Others may have decided to wait until more homes come on the market in spring time. Regardless, those who ARE searching for homes during winter are [...]

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Why Won't My Home Sell?

While the market may play a big role in the sale of your home, there are other factors that can hurt your home's chances of selling. Let's say you've cleaned up the home and the clutter has been cleared. Are there tenants still living on the property? What about pet damage? Do they have cat [...]

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